What if someone told you that you could enjoy better fuel efficiency, increased torque, higher horsepower, better throttle response and better speed limitation with lesser costs on fuel? No, this is not a marketing call for a new car. In fact, all the above enhancements can be made for your own vehicle, making it feel as good as new. All this and more is possible with ECU remap, a new procedure which is attracting attention of vehicle owners from all over the world.

An ECU remap is when you hire a professional company to ascertain whether there is anything that can be done to improve the performance of the engine of your car. These companies are experts at making the necessary alterations to the engine configuration of the vehicle in such a way that it can promise optimal performance without causing excessive pressure on the engine.

It is interesting that the ECU remap procedure for different cars needs to be addressed differently. This decision is dependent on the make and model of the car. For instance, Korean and Malaysian cars require manual ECU remap while the more technically advanced ones can be remapped with the help of computer software. The amount of time required for the remap procedure to be completed also varies from vehicle to vehicle. While some cars take only a few hours, the ECU remap procedure for some cars requires as much as two days once it is initiated.

For the owners who are interested in getting the ECU of their vehicles remapped, the best option is to contact a renowned company that undertakes these tasks. Since this is a very specialized line of business, please refrain from trusting small time contractors who might promise to get the work done cheaper. The ECU is the heart of the vehicle, and if done by an amateur, the ECU remapping can worsen the fuel efficiency and other functions of the car instead of improving them.

Amongst the many favorable changes that one can expect from their vehicle after the ECU remap, the most important is that the fuel costs take a huge dip. The fuel burning capacity of the vehicle increases considerably, causing the vehicle to burn fuel in an improved fashion. This basically means that for the small price that is paid for the remapping, the vehicle owner can enjoy years of savings on the fuel bills. To know how you can free yourself from the web of constantly increasing fuel prices, visit http://www.ecuflash.co today.