Today the market is designed such way that even if you are good at something, you would still be unable to get employed unless you could prove it by having the appropriate papers, diplomas and certificates. Depending to your profession you could have many different options and many different requirements as well, in South Africa though, it’s find if you don’t even have a standard education certificates, as long as you can provide the BEE.

Keep in mind, in order to obtain the BEE you should be really good at something, whatever you are trying to claim. This testing systems looks not only at the theoretical and book knowledge like other institutions, but also effectively implements the experience requirements and that would have to be the experience from an actual work, or whatever working projects.

Different companies may charge completely different amounts to get you ready for this BEE certification. Although the tests themselves do not cost that much, you are only allowed taking in once every year so failure would result in a serious drawback and inability to get employed any sooner.

It is thus, important to give the sufficient level of knowledge for these students and whoever takes these exams. I personally accomplished this certification from the first try, but sorry I’ve been a recognized expert in my niche for quite a while. Passing the test would only prove that I was good, but I wouldn’t have any problems even if I failed to pass.

For other folks though, the ability to pass would directly determine their wages. South Africa is a poor country, so if you don’t have any special abilities (which could also be certified) you would likely end up doing nothing or cleaning the streets. In either scenario you would unlikely to find any satisfaction. So keeping the studies and trying hard for these exams makes the different for almost any individual. In order to achieve this passage and complete the whole process of the examinations though, it would take a great deal of determination and perseverance.

In the end, it is the dreamers who achieve anything at all in this world. Without the right vision a person is not only unable to get employed, but is unable to live a life, which would be enjoyable and also beneficial for the others.

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